Writing Company EP : Nick Musgrove, Nick Russell

Executive Producers: The Peloton, Sam Sokolow, Jeff Cooney, Steven Camp, Josh Mills, Alex Hertzberg, Jeff Fisher

Company Executive Producers: Joshua Mills, Joseph Pizzarelli

Starring : The Peloton – Nick Musgrove, Nick Russell, Tim McDonald, Tom Petersen, Vachel Spirason

Genre : Scripted Comedy

In Partnership With: EUE/Sokolow, Tandem Media, Hertzberg Media


About Diplomatic Immunity

Diplomatic Immunity was TEN10 TV and EUE/Sokolow’s flagship television show partnership property.  TEN10 TV was in LA in early August (along with 18 investors and their families), and were thrilled to join the guys from the Peloton, Sam Sokolow, Jeff Fisher and Alex Hertzberg for a very exciting weekend shoot for this hilarious show.   EUE/Sokolow and the “Diplomatic Immunity” team have now completed post-production, and are currently pitching the show to major networks and outlets such as FOX, NBC, HBO, FX, NETFLIX, HULU and Amazon.

Behind the Scenes

About "The Peloton"

The Peloton is a Melbourne based production company who produce a range of sketch and narrative comedy. (Think modern day Monty Python but FUNNIER)  The group (consisting of Tim McDonald, Nick Musgrove, Tom Peterson, Nick Russell & Vachel Spirason), met through university law revues and are now actors, comedians, writers, and television producers