Executive Producers : Lisa Ling, Sam Sokolow, Jeff Cooney, Steven Camp

Company Executive Producers: Joshua Mills, Joseph Pizzarelli

Genre : Faith Based Reality TV

Release Date : Not Announced

In Partnership With: EUE Sokolow


The Concept

It is that tolerance and interconnectivity of beliefs that gives America its strength, its compass and its moral leadership in the world.

However, the great experiment in freedom that is America is no perfect and always has room to grow, to teach and to touch humanity. Faith Swap is a show that celebrates the spiritual diversity in America in a reality television format that promises to be emotional, dramatic, funny and enlightening. In a land where a Christian family may live across the street from a Jewish family, around the corner from a Muslim family or down the block to a a Hindu family, Faith Swap will give families of all kinds the chance to walk a mile in their neighbor’s shoes.

You ever wonder what some other faith’s prayers, practices or teachings mean? In Faith Swap you’ll learn along with two families in each episode.

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The Show

Faith Swap is a show that celebrates all the positive aspects of religious practice and seeks to educate people about the true beliefs of their neighbors and others in their community. The show will expose families, both on the show and at home, to other cultures that are right in their own backyards, and help to foster conversation about how to build a better community. It promises to be an emotional journey for everyone watching.

The show takes two families of different religious beliefs and has them trade places for one week. They will swap and join the other’s congregation, participating in their spiritual life and learning as much as they can. Each family will be led by the other family’s religious leader – be it a priest, a rabbi, a monk, a minister, a paster, etc. We aren’t asking, or even insinuating, that people change their beliefs; we simply want people to learn about other religions to help truly understand each other.