Executive Producers: Jeff Cooney, Sam Sokolow, Steven Camp

Company Executive Producers: Joshua Mills, Joseph Pizzarelli

Airing On : TBA

Director : TBA

Genre : Reality TV Series

Release Date : Late 2017

Partially Funded

About the Series

Here’s a 1st look at the trailer or short reel for this show.  We have a lot of work to do on this still, but this will give you an idea of how this show is going to look and feel…  It’s important that we’re able to show that this is so much more than just another gold mine show.  Our audience will love the element of these ‘combat warriors’ who come out to the Man Cave on Kurt’s property; the impact their time at the Man Cave has on the veteran’s and their families’ lives – and the fact that some of these guys are staying on to work the mine and become part of Kurt’s extended family – will be a key differentiator when in comparison to other gold mine shows being pitched to the networks.

The Trailer