Executive Producers : Julia Fowler, Sam Sokolow, Jeff Cooney, Steven Camp

Company Executive Producers: Joshua Mills, Joseph Pizzarelli

Airing On : To Be Announced

Created By : Sam Sokolow & Julia Fowler

Genre : Reality TV / Competition Series

Release Date : Not Announced

In Partnership With: EUE Sokolow and REDSOK INC


The Concept

We Can Cook, Too! is a big, “shiny floor”, in-studio cooking game show that pits two families against each other side-by-side as they prepare a three course meal, from scratch, in front of an audience to see who can impress our panel of judges the most to win cash and prizes. There’s a catch though; the self-proclaimed cook from each family is strapped into a chair and must verbally coach non-cooks from their family through three rounds. The show is Chopped meets Family Feud.

The cook from each family, the self proclaimed foodie of the bunch, must decide which family member will cook each course of the meal under their direction. Will they strategize correctly? Will their family members perform under pressure or crack like an egg? We’ll find out in each episode.

The Show


The game is split into three rounds. For Round 1, the timer is set for 15 minutes and the COOK and their FIRST NONCOOK must complete one simple APPETIZER. The basic recipe is revealed on the small screen in front of the COOKS and BAM – it’s time to begin! We follow our teams through this tense 15 minutes as they cook, argue, cajole and somehow try to co-exist while preparing the first dish against the clock under tense conditions. Although they have the basic recipe to draw from, each team’s COOK is encouraged to add their own special flair from their extremely well-stocked kitchens. The sky is the limit.

At the end of the round, the judges taste each dish, discuss what they like and dislike, and register their votes. Each course will be judged on a combination of Creativity, Presentation, and Taste. The judges must award up to 10-points each, meaning a perfect score for a round is 30-points. This will allow for a team to fall behind and come back later.


For Round 2, the timer is set for 30 minutes and the next family member enters the kitchen – this time to prepare a more complicated appetizer. As in Round 1, the basic recipes for both a main dish a side dish are revealed on a monitor in front of the COOKS and each team begins. In this round, each NON-COOK has one “Teammate Minute” when they can call up another family member from the bench to help them for 60-seconds. They can use their Teammate Minute whenever they choose. At the end of Round Two, the judges taste and assess the dishes and cast their votes.


For Round 3, the timer is set for 60 minutes and the next NON-COOK enters the kitchen – this time to prepare the main course. As the first two Rounds, the basic recipes for both a main dish a side dish are revealed on a monitor in front of the COOKS and each team begins. In Round 3, each NON-COOK has one “Chef Minute” when they can hit a button that releases the COOK from their family, who can then run into the kitchen and help them for 60-seconds. They can use their Chef Minute whenever they choose.

In Round 3, each team has the option of going for the Bonus Desert. This means they can choose to make a desert while making the main course. If they opt to do this, either for an edge in a close game or a Hail Mary in a blow out, the judges must try the deserts and can award up to 3 bonus points each.